We use traditional French recipes and techniques in preparing our stocks, and only the freshest, highest quality ingredients we can find. Our stocks make excellent bases for soups and sauces, but can be used in place of water to make all your recipes taste rich and delicious.


Our broths are slow-simmered overnight to achieve the rich, deep flavor and hearty nourishment you’ll find in every batch. Ready to drink – just heat and sip. Also makes a great ramen – just add noodles, scallions, hot sauce – whatever you like!


Our soups are all simple and iconic, chosen because they illustrate just how delicious soup can be when you start with a good stock and use fresh, local ingredients. Soups change weekly so be sure to check the menu before ordering online!

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The quality you can taste in every one of our stocks and broths is the result of using the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. We source our bones and produce from only the most ethically responsible farmers and ranchers, and you can taste it in every bite/sip/slurp!