Who says you can’t judge an album by its cover? Quick, think of Tom Petty’s Wildflowers album cover. I’m betting you can’t. Now think of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon or The Beatles Abbey Road. Iconic, right? We believe our new packaging is destined for the same status as those two classic images.

Branding our new business and product line is an essential component of capturing the interest of our audience. We wanted an eye-catching design and wanted it to be relevant. So what better for us than chickens, cows & bones with some elements that use the same color-scheme as our business logo.

We crowdsourced for a designer through the on-line graphic community of 99designs. When we saw the design we ultimately chose, we felt it really captured the feel of what we are doing here at The Crowded Kitchen. The design is simple, pure, and light, like our broths & stocks. It contains a bit of artistic whimsy that captures our culinary creativity. The consistency of styling will allow us to broaden our product line in time as we start selling other stocks and broths. The pouch text reflects the clarity of our broths, and our ingredient lists show our commitment to using healthy and locally sourced ingredients. We are impressed by the shelf impact this design makes for us!

Getting our pouches to the printer and pouch producer, ePac, was our next step. We went with a company that would provide us with simple, low minimum, digitally printed, and eco-friendly stand-up flexible packaging. Since so many things are falling into place for us at the same time, we needed to have these printed with a quick turn-around and we are getting that with ePac. The pouch we chose has a gusseted bottom that can stand up, but it can also be frozen flat so we can store more of them in limited space.

The appeal of this design makes the right statement for The Crowded Kitchen. We think you will love our bags and the goodness held within them! We really felt like we had hit the stockpot jackpot with this design and without a doubt, it’s a winner, winner, chicken….. broth pouch?